14 January, 2007

Top 5 Technologies That Have Changed My Life

There are no shortages of technologies these days, few of them I could live without; these, I could not live without major inconveniences.

5) Internet
Perhaps a clique...but truth be told, the Internet has changed my life significantly. God bless Al Gore :) Whether at work investigating the proper usage of a STL container, researching competitor products specifics, or just general leisurely browsing for stupid humor tricks. Couple the WWW with a wireless 802.11 connection and an available laptop and you've got yourself a party.

4) Text Messaging
Sure, cell phones change may peoples lives. You can be reached at anytime, anyplace; which brings up all kinds of edicate issues. Sure, cellphones are nice...but what I really love is text messaging. Properly used, you never really have to speak to your wife, nor she to you. Besides, what else can you do during your hours of training or meetings.

3) Tivo
While the remote resembles a phallic symbol; once you get past that you'll learn to love your Tivo. What other product comes with a window sticker that you can proudly display on your car window? Once you've spent some time defining your wishlist and programs you'd like recorded as well as defined the priority of each recording, you're all set. My wife and I must have a couple dozen programs defined in our season pass manager and each night we come home we've got a selection of programs to watch....and can fastforward thorough those pesky commercials. I'd be willing to bet that we even watch less television since we've got our little cable-buddy. We no longer spend time watching shows just 'cause they are on, now we only watch those programs that are really worth watching. An hour program takes ~45 minutes to watch, a 1/2 hour take ~20 minutes; end result is more entertainment in less time.

2) Wikipedia
Rarely has a day gone by when a passing conversation or lunch topic does not result in a peaked curiosity. In the days of yourn, one would normally consider digging out the Brittanica for a full 7 seconds, shrug it off and just go about your day...never to know who "Aqua Lad" was. Fast forward to today and a similar question takes less than 7 seconds to retrieve the answer (or at least someones rendition of the answer) from this God-given website.

1) Google
Last but not least, you have to admit that Google has changed your life if you spend any time rattling on a keyboard. Few other products of our generation warrant it's name morphing into a formal verb. Sure, Yahoo was my search engine of choice during the college years (along with AltaVista), but today Google is first choice in the web searching realm.

That's it boys and girls. My top 5 technologies that have made a significant change to my life.

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