15 April, 2007

Whiz Kid

As I stated in a previous entry, I've recently got back from an SPIE conference. This has been the first I've ever attended and with luck this won't be the last.

An interesting event that occur ed at this conference was the presentation of a technique for 'head-locating' in infrared camera images. While the technique didn't exactly blow my skirt up...while I have some experience in computer vision that isn't my current focus. What did however get my attention was the presenter....a grade school kid with an internship with Johns Hopkins. Not only did he author the paper, he presented as well and by all rights did so with more enthusiasm and professionalism that many of the adults.

Sure, the kid can locate a humans head in a busy scene....he can use terms like 'modality' and solve differential equations....but dollars to donuts he's never seen a boobie first-hand.

That is the only comfort that lets me sleep at night.

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