28 January, 2008

I've Been IT'd

Once again I've been IT'd, that is "Information Technology"'d. I have recently began using it as a verb, synonymous with screwed, broken, f**cked...

Is it just me, or is it just our IT department? For the past 3 years, IT has managed to break our systems fairly regularly on a monthly schedule. The past 6 months, they've broken our network a total of 4...count 'em....four times! I'm convinced that 100 monkeys with 100 keyboards couldn't cause any more mayhem and quite possible provide better support.

While they lack competence, they thrive in lack of dedication. Come 3-4 o'clock you'd be hard pressed to fit a sheet of paper between any given meathead that makes up the steady stream of those heading for the door. Jetta after Jetta, off to screw up someone else's machine...or perhaps a marathon session of World of Warcraft (tee hee).

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