16 April, 2010

Iso Magic

I find that over the past couple weeks I've had to generate, burn, and examine ISO images to support releasing our software product on external media. I thought it useful to share some useful mechanisms.

If you have a directory structure that you want bundled into a ISO image, issue the command:

mkisofs -o MyImage.iso -J dirName

To burn the image onto a DVD/CDROM use the following command:

cdrecord -v dev=X,X,X MyImage.iso

where X,X,X is determined by issuing the command:

cdrecord --scanbus

and selecting the appropriate device

You can examine the contents of an ISO image by mounting loopback as follows:

mount -o loop MyIsoImage.iso /mnt/iso

Issuing a 'find /mnt/iso' will show the contents of the image.

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