29 April, 2008

Old School Meets Open Source

I recently mentioned that our division moved office location. As part of the move, we adopted our divisions computer security policies. My employer, a monolithic corporation focusing on government military contracts which they perform at a modest competency.

Given our current decade, it's nearly impossible to ignore the relevance of open-source software. Our company is no exception, and has tried to adopt capitalizing on open-source developments to maintain a competitive edge. For this, I find no fault.

Our recent adoption of our division's computer security policy seems counter productive in the pursuit of utilizing open-source software however. The main handicap is the disallow of visiting blogs of any nature. News flash....many, many, many open-source technical references are published in....wait for it......BLOGS!

The rationale for blocking blogs...to restrict time-wasting websites. Riddle me this caped crusader...if you employ people who spend significant time on non-productive work (wink, wink) why in the name of all that's good are they still working for you! Rather than employ preventions to keep people from doing bad things, just eliminate the people who do said bad things. How damn difficult is that?

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